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A software update is available. How can I install it? 

Firstly,  we suggest you uninstall the old release completely. Don’t worry, you won’t loose any of your patients and projects.

To do this, just follow these steps:

  • Open RealGUIDE software and click on Settings icon->Show setting folder (for WindowsC:\Users\YourPC Username\AppData\Roaming\RealGUIDE50;  for Mac: Macintosh>Users>YourMAC Username>config.>RealGUIDE50);

  • Access the previous folder, which is ‘Roaming’;

  • Delete only ‘RealGUIDE50’ folder. Before this, please be sure of saving a copy of your custom files if you have created them. In this case, please have a look also at this article to understand how to save custom files created in RealGUIDE;

  • Search for RealGUIDE app on your device, click on Uninstall and follow the procedure;

  • Run the new release installation file (‘.exe’).

ATTENTION: your patient data are stored in RealGUIDE50-DB folder. If you delete this folder, you’ll loose all the data contained in your local memory.

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