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How can I update my computer to the latest RealGUIDE version?

Before installing a new RealGUIDE version,  we recommend uninstalling the previous release completely.
Don’t worry, the procedure is not going to remove your patients and projects from your database.

Follow these steps:
  • Open RealGUIDE software and click on Settings icon->Show setting folder (for Windows: C:\Users\YourPC Username\AppData\Roaming\RealGUIDE50;  for Mac: Macintosh>Users>YourMAC Username>config.>RealGUIDE50);
  • Delete all files located in the ‘RealGUIDE50’ folder. Before you do this, please be sure you saved a copy of your custom RealGUIDE files, if you created any (read this article to learn how to save custom RealGUIDE files);
  • Uninstall RealGUIDE app from your computer. On Windows, click on Start menu, look for RealGUIDE in the list, click on Uninstall icon and follow the procedure. On MAC, open Finder, click on App folder and move RealGUIDE app to the bin;
  • Run the new RealGUIDE installer.
WARNING: your patients' data are stored in RealGUIDE50-DB folder. If you delete this folder, you are going to completely remove patients' database located in your local computer memory.
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