Can I make a backup of my patients in RealGUIDE?

You may need to backup of your patients database in one of the following situations:

  • the software performace slowed down;
  • you would like to transfer your patients database on a new computer;
  • you would like to archive your completed projects.
Please, follow these steps to perform patients' database backup:
  • run RealGUIDE;

  • click on Settings icon in the top-left corner;

  • click on Database to access the available commands;

  • activate the flag Backup Patient Database. If this option is not activated, the backup is only for the Settings (eg custom files);

Now you can choose how to export your patients:

  • SINGLE FOLDER FOR ALL PATIENTS: click on Backup button to create a ZIP folder which contains all your patients together, included those downloaded from the Cloud. You can choose the ZIP folder destination directory by editing the Backup Folder field. Click on Restore  to import your data back in RealGUIDE. This option is very useful when you want to completely transfer your patients database to a new computer;

  • SINGLE FOLDER FOR EACH PATIENT: click on Export all patients to create a single ZIP folder for each patient of your selected database. You can choose the destination directory for your ZIP folders. Please, notice that RealGUIDE is only going to export patients from the selected database: if you haven't enabled the Cloud icon (white color), RealGUIDE will export your local database patients; if you have enabled the Cloud icon (it turns green), RealGUIDE will export all patients downloaded from the Cloud. To load your patients back into RealGUIDE, you need to operate as you usually do when you import a new patient ZIP folder. You can import only one patient at a time. This option is quite useful when you want to archive completed cases.

In the attached pdf you can find more information about patients backup.

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