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Can I make a backup of my patients in RealGUIDE?

If the software begins to work slowly, we recommend to reduce the amount of stored data by making a backup of your patients.

To make it, follow these steps:

  • run RealGUIDE;

  • click on Settings icon in the top-left corner;

  • click on Database to access available commands.

Now you can choose how to export your patients:

  • SINGLE FOLDER FOR ALL PATIENTS: click on Backup button to create one .zip folder with all database patients together with those downloaded from the CLOUD. You can choose where to create the .zip folder through the Backup Folder field. Restore button allows you to import data back into RealGUIDE;

  • SINGLE FOLDER FOR EACH PATIENT: click on Export all patients to create one .zip folder for each patient in your database, except those downloaded from the CLOUD. You can specify where to create these .zip folders.To import patients back into RealGUIDE, you have to proceed as for importing a new patient, one by one.

In the attached pdf you can find more information about patients backup.

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