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How to export DICOM standard files from NNT Viewer

RealGUIDE can import CTs in standard DICOM format.
However, some times this format is not available among the files exported by the cone beam/dental scan software. In case NNT Viewer is offered as a viewer of the CT or you usually employ it in your clinical practice, it is possible to export the standard DICOM format, compatible with RG.
Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Run NNT;
  2. On the toolbar, click "Patient" > "Select patient";
  3. From the patients’ list, select the patient whose DICOM files you want to export and press "OK";
  4. Click "File" > "Open by patient..." and select the patient's name from the list, then press "Open";
  5. Open the CT image, go to "File" > "Save in DICOM format" > "Sequence of Axial images..." > "Free Matrix";
  6. Select the destination folder on the computer, where the files will be saved. You can choose "Make New Folder" to create a dedicated folder with the patient's name, so you can find it more easily later. Click "OK";
  7. When the process is completed, a pop-up message saying "DICOM files creation procedure successfully completed" is displayed. Click "OK";
  8. Open the created folder to verify that the DICOM files have all been exported. There should be several hundred files, as they represent the different sections that make up the acquired total volume;
  9. At this point, you can import the DICOMs into RealGUIDE as usual.
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