Can I add a custom sleeve in RealGUIDE? How can I do that?

You can add a custom sleeve in RealGUIDE by following these steps:

  • Open a RealGUIDE project;

  • Click on Settings icon on the top right corner of the window;

  • In the next window click on Sleeves section;

RealGUIDE sleeves declaration is parametric, meaning you need to fill in the form above with the required sleeve’s dimension. RealGUIDE can manage sleeves with a cylindrical body with one or two (parallel) flat sides and a hexagonal (or cylindrical) lip.

You can:

  • Click on New button, fill in with your sleeve name and parameters and finally click on Save;

  • Fill in with your sleeve’s parameters, click on Save as button to add your sleeve’s name;

  • Select a sleeve from the drop down menu, then click on Delete to remove it completely;

  • Select a sleeve from the drop down menu, modify a parameter then click on Save.

NB You have to restart your project to set the new sleeve: it will be added in the library sleeves list, in CUSTOM section.

This is a description of basic sleeves parameters we suggest the use to beginners:

  • D (ext): external sleeve body diameter [mm];

  • D (int): internal sleeve diameter [mm];

  • L (sl): sleeve total height [mm], body + lip;

  • H (sl): sleeve offset [mm] (distance between implant platform and sleeve bottom);

  • D (hex): upper lip diameter [mm] (if it’s an hexagon, fill in with diameter of the circle circumscribed about the hexagon itself);

  • Z Axis Rotation (all): sleeve angle (degrees) of rotation to correctly align the sleeve lip (if it is hexagonal) to implant platform;

  • Use cylinder: turn on if lip is a cylinder and not a hexagon;

  • Lip size: upper lip height [mm];

  • Cut size: distance [mm] between sleeve body flat side midpoint and its circular section center;

  • Z Axis Rotation (cut): sleeve body only angle (degrees) of rotation to align flat sides correctly to implant platform (this rotation will not affect the sleeve lip);

  • Double cut: turn on only if sleeve body has two parallel flat sides;

The following parameters are meant for advanced RealGUIDE users only.

They are used if sleeve offset is variable with respect to both implant and drills lengths.

If you use them, don’t fill in H (sl) field: RealGUIDE is going to calculate the correct sleeve offset according to selected implant and drill length:

  • Drill length: fill in all available drill lengths [mm] separated by a semicolon (;) without space;

  • Reduction system: reduction spoon height [mm], if it’s included in the surgical kit the sleeve is used for. RealGUIDE needs this parameter to correctly calculate the sleeve offset.

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