Why are sleeves and implants red in my project?

RealGUIDE provides visual collision warnings in the planning section:

  • nerve collision: if an implant is too near to a nerve the user designed in the project, the implant and the nerve will turn red. You can disable Nerves Warning or change the Minimum distance from nerve in Settings → Implants. Proximity trigger is set to 2 mm by default;

  • anatomy collision: if your implant sleeve intersects with the patient’s gums it will turn red;

  • implants proximity: implants have a security area around them (a green cylindric profile). If two implants security areas intersect, the fixtures will turn red. You can disable the Security zone option or change the Security zone size in Settings → Implants. Proximity trigger is set to 1.5 mm by default;

  • implant collision: if two planned implants intersect, they will turn red.

Warning! Nerves collision strongly depends on the quality of the nerve drawn by the user. Please, carefully examine your DICOMs when drawing the nerve and consult a radiologist if you don’t feel sure of the images quality.
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