Can I perform operation (for example merging or subtraction) between STL files in RealGUIDE?

RealGUIDE allows you single STL editing and boolean operations between two objects A and B:

  • Union: resulting STL being the union between A and B;

  • Subtraction: resulting STL being the subtraction of A from B;

  • Intersect with: resulting STL being intersections between A and B;

  • Remove intersection with: intersections between A and B are removed from resulting STL;

  • Cut with surface: the result is the same as above, but the resulting STL will have an open surface.


  • Union, Subtraction and Intersect with will keep object A intact and object B will turn into the resulting STL;

  • Remove Intersection with and Cut with Surface will keep object B intact and object A will turn into the resulting STL.

If you want to keep both objects A and B intact, turn on option Copy the result as a new object. RealGUIDE will generate a new file as a result of the boolean operation.

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