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Which is the difference between Object Name and Object Type features? How can Object Type be used?

RealGUIDE allows you to manage a lot of files easily, and for that reason each object can be identified with two different and independent features:

  • Object Name, that you can change according to your needs;

  • Object Type (showed in round brackets) specifies if the STL is Anatomy, Wax-up, Antagonist and so on.

Type feature is very useful to turn on and off STL objects in your project 3D view (anatomy and prosthesis switches). Also sleeves-anatomy collision warning depends on the Type assignment, and for that reason they must be set carefully.

Keep in mind that in every RealGUIDE project you can just have one Anatomy STL and one Wax-up STL: so if you assigned the wrong Type tag to an STL you imported in RealGUIDE, you can easily make up for it by simply changing the tag in the STL option menu.

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