How can I match stl and DICOM files?

A guided surgery case requires DICOM and stl files (anatomy, evobite, wax-up, etc.) matching.

To get this result, one or more reference elements are needed both in the STLs and in the DICOMs:

  • for total or partial edentulous jaw with non-stable teeth: evobite;

  • for partial edentulous jaw with stable teeth (at least 3): anatomy.

For more information about the required files, read this article.

There are different methods for performing a Matching in RealGUIDE:

The reference element (anatomy or marker scan) must always be matched first.

If all other STL files are in the correct relative position as the reference object, you can apply to them the same movement RealGUIDE performed for the reference element (Additional files matching).

In Double Scan Protocol case, the matching between anatomy and prosthesis is performed automatically by the software. This is possible because of Gutta Percha spheres embedded in the patient’s prosthesis. (Double scan matching).

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