What about RealGUIDE purchase options and their prices?

RealGUIDE software is divided into different modules:

  • RealGUIDE START for 3D diagnosis (free);

  • RealGUIDE PRO for implant planification (starting from 90 €/month);

  • RealGUIDE DESIGN for surgical guides modelling (starting from 190 €/month);

  • RealGUIDE CAD+ for all the previous functionalities and immediate loading provisional, customized abutments, bridges and many more construction (starting from 290 €/month);

  • RealGUIDE CAD for a stand-alone CAD module (starting from 190 €/month).

You can choose between ONE-SHOT, subscription or acquisition options according to your needs.

Please download the attached flyer or visit our website to better understand RealGUIDE modules’ features.

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